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Benifits in Islam


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Benifits in Islam
hello, i woul'd like to invite you to islam. your benefits: -you become free from sorrow, worry(about future, carriers,family,..), fears from people, world... -you will be satisfied with less -you can be helped by other muslims, just for the sake of Great Allah and not to receive anythings back from you -your food, cloths must be giving by your husband, muslim brothers(this the order of Great Allah) and you don`t have to work out of your hous as woman for your food and cloths. -you will become lot of rewards from Great Allah for examples(you will be satisfaid with less, you will have the best heart for weaks, sicks, olds,....) -you will have muslims like true brothers, sisters -you will have only one guidness book(Quran) to resolve your problems, questions -you will think logicaly -you will be free to pray to man, statures, man created matrials which you are able to destory them -you will have only one mission(paradis) and your all deads will be only for Great Allah -you will receive always guidness through quran and your dreams -you will slowly slowly hate rich life, rich people,...matrialists, matrial life -your heart, body, soul get relax when you recite Quran, which billion of muslims recite the same book -you will pray to only one God and lot of other thousand benefits what is your lost with islam: the all world(non-muslims, bad muslims) will be your enemies, you have to be patiance for protections of Great Allah to resolve the problems, conflicts against that people, problems If you are not sure that Great Allah is your God and the Quran is your life-styler, then just say it must be there only one God and I have only one God. You will inshallah(with the will of Great Allah) receive sign from Great Allah. Soon in your dream or direct/indirect you will be contacted with islam. Then believe on Great Allah, become muslim and don't care about the rest. Great Allah will organize every thing for you, which is good for you. my best respect Ahmad
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