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Why I became a Muslim?

the purity and simplicity of the Islamic faith, its freedom from dogma and sacerdotalism and its obvious truth made a special appeal to me. The honesty and sincerity of the Muslims, too, are greater than anything I have seen in Christians. The ordinary Christian puts on religion on Sundays as a respectable habit.
When Sunday is over, religion is discarded for the rest of the week. With Muslims, on the contrary, there is no distinction between Sunday and other days. He is allways thinking of what he can do in the service of God. Another beauty of Islam is its equality. It is only Islam that has real equality maintained between man and man and no other religion has anything like it.
Ther faith of Islam generates unity. I myself have seen the believers praying. They follow only one Imam, when he bows down, they also bow and when he goes down to the ground to kiss the dust~1(see below) of the earth, they do the same. That is why I have embraced Islam. One thing more, Islam recognises no distinction of rank. Even a king prays nest to a Fakir. The religion of Islam is also the cleanst religion in the world, because Muslims have to wash the exposed parts of the body five times a day, a practice not found in any other religion of the world.

A.W.L Van Kuylenburg
(known as M.A. Rahman)

Notice of Webadministrator:
In order of Allah muslims has to stay in one direction(Mekka, house made of Abraham), bow to Allah "saying(Subhane rabel adzim) respect to Allah" and put their heads on the ground and "saying(Subhane rabel Allah) Allah is all greatst".

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