Notice: Constant USER_COUNTRY2 already defined in /data/web/e47075/html/islamstart/cmc/maincore_mfusion.php on line 50 All Terror attacks under name of Islam/Muslims in USA, Europe, Asia, Africa was made by govermental Secret Services.
Posted by admin on November 03 2020 09:24:42

Dear Muslims, they want to try to stop islam by their words and stupid actions. These all Terror acts in USA, Europe and all other countries are stupid propaganda against islam. If islam was teaching us Muslims crimes, today millions of Kafirs(desbelievers) were killed by muslims and not oposit, that they killed hundert millions of Muslims. Without islam, you will be liier and criminals like all Politicians around the world.
Pray to Great Allah, read and understand Quran in Arabic, you will inshallah see the evil in people who has no islam and are not good Muslim.