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Posted by admin on October 10 2020 21:58:01

Slap of the day for... French!!!
Just a few days after his attack on Islam, describing him as living in a crisis, the response came from where he didn't count.
Macron had a real crisis today and live in front of cameras!!!
After he went to receive the French hostage released from Mali after four years of captivity.
After the hostage landed at the French airport, Macron ran to her to hug her and kiss her, so the woman stops him and refrain and says you can't hug me because I'm Muslim and I'm not Sophie Petronon, but I became Muslim Mary Petronan and you can't touch me I love the people of Mali and pray that God blesses and protects them from the evil of disbelievers.
Macron has been traumatized, media failure, and cancelled the word he had programmed in front of the public and the press, which has attended intensively upon the arrival of the French hostage.
Macron definitely cancelled his speech because he had prepared a hate speech against Islam but was disappointed when he found the French hostage becoming Muslim.!!!
The response came from where they don't count as a terrible diplomatic and media failure!!!
Allah is the Greatest, praise be to Allah... O Allah, dearest Islam and Muslims!!!

Letter of her to Prisedent Macron

The French embassy to the President of the Republic of France after she announced on French soil that she had converted to Islam, not in Mali, where she was imprisoned by Muslims!

This is the message from Ms. Mary (Sophie Petronin) to French President Macron:

Mr. Macron, peace be upon whoever follows the instructions...

I learned that you were amazed at how Sophie Petronin, a purebred white French Catholic, converted to Islam after 75 years of Christianity and 4 years of confinement among Muslims!
Let me simplify things for you...

Mr. Macron!

Yes I was a Muslim prisoner.

However, they never abused me and their entire relationship with me was full of respect and appreciation. They provided me with food and drink and gave me an advantage over themselves despite the resource shortages by respecting my privacy till the end.

Nobody has ever exposed me to verbal or physical harassment or insulted my religion, neither Jesus nor the virgin. Peace be upon them as you do with the prophet Muhammad, blessings and peace be upon him.
They didn't force Islam on me, but I have seen in their behavior that these are people who cleanse themselves with water, pray to the Lord in five daily prayers and fast the month of Ramadan.

Mr. Macron!

Yes Muslims in Mali are poor, their country is poor. They don't have an Eiffel Tower and know nothing about our French perfumes, but they are more pure in both their bodies and their hearts than us.
Yes, they don't own luxury cars and don't live in high towers, but their ambitions are above the clouds and their faith is stronger than those of the mountains.

Mr. Macron!

Have you ever heard in your life the teachings of the Quran that they clearly recite in their prayers morning and evening?

How beautiful is the recitation! Even if you don't understand what they're saying, your heart will tremble and tremble, and your body will tremble when you listen to them say God's words they've learned by heart!
When you unconsciously feel and realize that this is not a human language, but a heavenly melody descending from heaven, you have an unbridled desire to know the meaning of what they are learning in their heavenly hymns in the morning and evening!

Mr. Macron!

Have you ever in your life lowered your face for God's sake and let your forehead touch the ground as you whisper about your troubles and thank Him for His blessings as they do?
Have you ever felt God's closeness to you and your closeness to Him?

Mr. Macron!

Their wives are black as charcoal, but their hearts are white as milk.
They wear simple clothes, but in their people's eyes they are the most beautiful in the world. They don't mix with foreign men, nor do they mix with them and don't bring foreign men into their homes unless there are any husbands. They don't get drunk, they don't play and they don't commit adultery

Mr. Macron!

The Muslims there believe in all the messengers of God, even in God's messengers, Jesus whom they love more than us, and in his mother Mary (Mary) whose name I took because of her great love and respect for her and her position for me I have.
Mr. Macron!

They might ask me, ?? How do they love Christ more than we do?"

I will answer you: - Yes, they love the Lord Christ more than we do because our country shed the blood of innocent people in Christ's name, devastated their land and plundered their wealth.
We use and use the goods of Muslim countries and take tribute from their rulers in various ways, force non-developmental commercial consumer projects, spread riots among them, then sell weapons to kill each other.
But we still treat them as terrorists, even though they are aware that we are actually terrorists, not them!
Yet they treated me and the other hostages with the morals of Christ we taught in the churches, but we don't really apply them!

Mr. Macron!

In the end... I didn't want to publish my Islam in Mali so I wouldn't have been converted to Islam under the sword. I decided to make my Islam known when I was on French soil to convey the message of Islam to millions of French and Europeans. equally to their Christian and atheistic whole!

Mr. Macron!

This religion, the Islam you fight day and night has moved my heart and filled my mind. I have not returned to see France in its glamour and beauty, more beautiful than poor and humble Mali. What's more, I decided to go back there, but after inviting my family and loved ones to Islam because I want them to taste the sweetness of what I tasted by worshipping the one most merciful and merciful God , apart from whom there is no other god. Wishing them the goodness of this world and the world to come.
I invite you to Islam and want to end your calculations regarding this great religion that has been the message of all messengers and prophets since Adam's time, through Jesus Christ and finally with the advocate of all people, Muhammad, may blessings and peace be upon him to be.
And peace be upon those who follow the commandment...

Merjem Petron