Prophet Mohammad(S.W.S) the most beloved, powerful, respected man in the world.
Posted by admin on April 21 2019 10:11:57

(.No one was so beloved that billion of people was giving his live for his Creater(Great Allah), then Mohammed(S.W.S).

(.No book/method/ideology was readed, practised as the sended book(Quran) to Prophet Mohammed(S.W.S).

(. No one has dominated and dominating the World, Life, Socities, Politics as the Prophet Mohammed(S.W.S)

(.After call of Great Allah names, no human name was used daily so much by the toque of people as the name of Prophet Mohammed(S.W.S). So calll your childeren after the name of Prophet Mohammed(s.w.s), you may inshallah receive mercy from Great Allah. Because Great Allah was sending Prophet Mohammed(s.w.s) as his Mercy to all mankind. Quran 21:107
بِسْمِ اللہِ الرّٙحْمٰنِ الرّٙ حِیْمِ وٙمٙا اٙرْسٙلْنٰکٙ اِلّٙا رٙحْمٙتً ِلّلْعٰلٙمِیْنٙ