10.000 of false Hadiths in Books, Websits, But Quran explaine everything Sura 15 Verse 89
Posted by admin on January 01 2019 13:06:28

There are 10.000 of false hadiths about Prophet Mohammad(The best, powerfull human being in the past and future of Universum). >

The enemies of islam touching/creating/changing all the time the hadiths(speech) of our Prophet Mohammad(Sale Allahu Alayee wa salam). But they forget that the best, truth hadiths(speech) about Prophet Mohammad(Sale Allahu Alayee waslam) is Quran itselfs. As Great Allah pointing us about hadith in Quran 39:23.
The Quran was brought to us from Great Allah through Jibreel and finely by speech of Prophet Mohammad(Sale Allahu wa alayee wa salam). What the Prophet Mohammad(Sale Allahu alayee wa salam) has truely done is writen in hundert pages of Quran, where Allah say to Prophet Mohammad(sale Allahu alayee wasalm) like say, as you, you are, and you,....
Clear there are Hadiths in book of Al-Bukhari which could be almost true. The proof for every almost true Hadiths is Verses of Quran. The Hadith must be similar to Verses of Quran and explane the orders of Great Allah. Like Great Allah says the Verses of Quran 15:89 that the Quran explane everything.So there is nothing to add/less from human how to enter Paradise. Please memorize the Verse 15:89 to think about it lot and use the verse to defense Shaytan when brings you doubt or bad stories, hadiths about islam and Prophet Mohammad(sale Allahu alayee wasalam).
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