Dirt is filth, alcohol/drugs are filth of 60% virus, even it a glass or a sip
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بسم ٱلله ٱلرحمن ٱلرحيم
يأيها ٱلذين ءامنوا إنما ٱلخمر وٱلميسر وٱلأنصاب وٱلأزلم رجس من عمل ٱلشيطن فٱجتنبوه لعلكم تفلحون) 90(
O ye who believe (to Allah, Qur'an, Prophet Mohamad), the wine(Alcoholics, beer, addictions, jags,..), the gambling, the sacrificial stones, and the lucky leprosy are an abomination of Satan's work. Avoid it, so that you may fare well. (Quran 5:90)

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For thousands of years the churches, countries, doctors, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Budhists, ..... lied that a glass / sip of alcohol or beer does not harm one's health. Now, their own studies have been aware of the small amount of alcohol but health harms and shortens life (see the report below). The alcohol is won by spoiled fruits, vegetables, ... For example, alcohol contains over 60% of viruses. How can a drink containing more than 60% of the virus be healthy. If one does not stop at this point and think about Quran, then when?

Study: Even small amounts of alcohol shorten your life

A glass of wine a day does not hurt - they say. But according to a recent study, even small amounts of alcohol are harmful and shorten the lifetime. The German guidelines should therefore be checked.

The guidelines for the consumption of alcohol are in many countries, according to a study, too high - even in Germany. A large survey shows that consuming more than 100 grams of pure alcohol per week - equivalent to about 2.5 liters of beer or about a liter of wine - shortens life expectancy and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is reported by an international research team, in which many German scientists were involved, in the journal "The Lancet".

According to the German Society for Nutrition, 140 grams for men and 70 grams for women are tolerable in Germany. According to "Yearbook Addiction" Germans over 15 years consume an average of 10.7 liters of pure alcohol a year - in the form of just under 134 liters of alcoholic beverages. That's about 165 grams per week.

The research team now analyzed 83 studies from 19 wealthy countries - and data from nearly 600,000 people. Abstinents were excluded. The studies recorded the amount of alcohol consumption and observed the participants for at least one year. In data analysis, the authors considered age, gender, tobacco use, diabetes, and many other factors related to cardiovascular disease.

Shortened lifetime

The most important result: At a level of 100 grams per week, alcohol shortened life expectancy in both men and women, as follows:

Life expectancy for 40-year-olds is therefore falling, compared to their peers who consume less than 100 grams of alcohol a week.

for about six months, when they consume 100 to 200 grams of alcohol a week,
for about one to two years, if they consume 200 to 350 grams of alcohol a week,
for about four to five years, if they consume more than 350 grams of alcohol a week.

About half of the study participants drank more than 100 grams of alcohol per week, around eight percent even more than 350 grams.

Higher alcohol consumption was found to be associated with a higher risk of stroke, heart failure, high blood pressure and a fatal aortic aneurysm. However, he was associated with a slightly lower risk of non-fatal heart attacks - why this is, can not be seen from this study nic