Under this Kafir word of Terror, Terrorist, Terrorism has been killed millions of innocents Muslims
Posted by admin on February 19 2018 12:18:08
Any Muslim who believ's on the word Terror, Terrorist, Terrorism is an Idiot. The Word of Terror, Terrorist, Terrorism comes from the leader of Jews, Vatikan for fighting against Islam. They call only Muslims as Terrorist and Islam as Terrorism. Anyone who is not Muslim and killed innocent people, they do not call them as Terrorist. Even they(Jews, Vatikan leaders) do not called till today the Hitler as Terrorist. Muslims are not allowed to call other Muslims or anybody as Terrorist, otherwise that Muslim is one of the Kafirs. Muslims are not allowed to make or participate in any war under the name of Terror, or participate in any war which is supported by enemy of islam like the Leaders of Jews, Christians, Budhists,.. otherwise that Muslim is fighting in reality against Islam as the Jews,Vatikan, Hindus, Budhist fighting against Islam.