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>> black couple BANNED from marrying at white church

A couple were turned away from a church where they planned to marry just one day before the wedding because they are black, they have claimed.

why the africans pray to a white man or the father of white man? They are blind
why the people pray to a man or father of a man?in reality a man was/is/willbe always weak created creation and never a created thing can be himself creator.

-how can a woman pray to man or father of man? And do not asking herselfs why god
has son and not doughter or god is a father and not mother a man and not woman? Great Allah made the non-muslim women the blindst creation in world

-how can pray a man to another man or father of a man? can't they understand that the all other past/recent/future men are/were a little bit more and less then him and how can compare them to god?

-how can the Jewish and Christians call themselfs "the children of God". Can't they see that they want to say that the god is also something like them(needy,weak, unperfect, chidish, sick,false,....)? If the god is compared to any created thing which we know or still not know, then he is not God.

As long there is"there will never be" no stronger guidenss book to God then Quran, all other ways then islam is wrong.
>> on matter of time all non-musoims are the same like this Soldier
All non-muslims are the same like this pig Soldier, but you(muslims) need time and situation to know them. Come to islam and be true muslim, otherwise you are nothing els then this pig or his dear wife, mother, father,brother, sister, friend, his christians brother/sister, his jewish brother/sister, his buddist/indo/Shiia brother/sister,... If you watch this picture and do not ask Great Allah to makes you muslim, then you are lost again with the devils.
Nato Soldier by killing civiliand in Afghanistan in order of devil and his followers(Jews, Christians, Indos, Buddhists, Shia's, Wahabits & co, Ahmadyas, Alawyts,..)
>> All muslim official-Imams are under control of non-muslim installed goverments
What happen realy in islamic world>> All muslims imams are under control of non-muslim or non-muslim installed goverments all over the world.. These imams become texts/orders from Jew/Christians countries(Israel, Canada, USA, UK, Vatikan,...) to follow. We muslims has to fight against these slaves of Jew/Christians/Indos/Budhists, because they are the most biger enemy of Islam.

How to findout these Imams

-They are not from local area and their family, tribe,..is unrecognizeable. Because they were educated in foreign countries.

-From theiir preachs: if they speak something negatively about Compenions of Prophet Mohamed(May Great Allah makes me in company with Him) or telling some Adith or story which can negativly represent Prophet Mohamed(May Great Allah makes me his follower).

-They hide always the truth(they don't speak about the crimes of non-muslims, they don't organize muslims to defence themself against tyanny of non-muslims or the non-muslim installed governments all around the world.

-They asking about paying Zakat to Mosque. "In islam we have to pay the Zakat direct to the poors and to muslims who fight on the way of Great Allah"

-They never talk bad against the Shia's, Ahmadyas, Wahabys(Saudi governments slves),...

-If you ask them about Ji'hhad, they don't fear Allah and not telling the truth, which is written in Quran.

-They do not organize/motivate jung muslims for memorizing Quran

-They do not recite Quran from heart and don't recite the Verses which is against Kofar and fighting on the way of Great Allah.

-Most of them coloring their bert, hair. (changing Allah creation is forbidden).

Read on link about the Imams in Afghanistan from pro Jew/Christians website.


Weak Karzai

Government officials blame what they describe as ‘lack of resources’ for failure to stop the spread of anti-West messages.

"Sometimes mullahs preach beyond whatever we want but there is no resources to control all mosques in the country," Israr-ul-Haq, a deputy for the department of Mosques and Other Holy Sites, told Reuters.

In Afghanistan wide landscape, there are about 160,000 mosques whose imams are paid by the government and the Religious Affairs Ministry gives speech notes to their imams.

Only 3,000 of those mosques are registered with the government and falls under its monitoring.

Others are built by the people and their imams are fed and supported by that neighborhood.

West-backed Afghan President Hamid Karzai does not have the influence to face down powerful imams in small mosques scattered in remote towns and rural areas.

"Mullahs have their own problems. If they speak against government policies, they are either harassed or detained by security forces," Israr-ul-Haq said.

"If they speak in favor of the government, then they are killed by insurgents."

Last July, Wikileaks website leaked Pentagon documents of the Afghan war, which affirmed that many civilian casualties were going unreported.

Though spending billions of dollars over the past 10 years, the increasing number of civilian casualties remained an obstacle for the foreign troops to win the hearts of Afghans.

"As if air strikes on civilians, violence and bloodshed was not enough, now they have burned the Qur’an," Tawab Rustami, a 24-year-old university student, told Reuters.

"The conflict is because of the foreigners, it is better for them to leave before things get worse."
>> Dead of Jew/USA top Agent RABBANI in Afghanistan
Rabbani (the Jew as an Afghan Imam) had hand to death of half million Afghans since Afghan Civil War 1991-2011. His death is such a heart-spot of Americans & Co after death of Ahmad Shah Masoud other Top-CIA Agent(money slave). Mayby some foolish Afghans say, no Ahmad Shah Masoud was not CIÁ-Agent, then i ask them. As the Russian was in Afghanistan and USA wanted to fight them and made Ahmad Shah Masoud top Kommondour, did't they made ihm CIA-Agent? Of course they made ihm, Rabbani, Gul-Buddin,.. CIA-Agents. And CiA-Agents stay till end of life CIA-Agents.

Now for first time the U.S & Isreal must talk some good words about an islamic Imam. They will announce that the Rabbani was very safe, peacefull,peace-willing,

Thus, Americans must sneak out of our country. We dont need their murderous peace-making workshops in our country.
Even sadder is that many people believe that the Yanks Americans & Co. are realy good people and want to create peace for the world and doese people do not want to listen, think, see that with their bloody war in Afg. die 99% poor, innocent children and civilians.
Punishment like economic-crisis is an absolute fear and hope for the Americans&Co countries. For every poor child death I wish them more punishment.

>> Let these brothers of monkeys, gorillas and pigs leave this country
What happen realy in islamic world>>
Let these brothers of monkeys, gorillas and pigs leave this country

endly one Imam of thousand Jew/Christians/Hindu Agent Imams in Afghanistan kabul talked something against the Jew/Christan Barbarians in Afg.
This brave Afghan Imam named Habibullah said in a friday prayer in Kabul Let these brothers of monkeys, gorillas and pigs leave this country. “The people of Afghanistan should determine their own fate.”
The devilfollowers "Jewish/christians pastors/leaders" controlling sice hunderd of years almost all muslim mosques with placing their Agents as Imams, workers,.. in mosques, schools, ministeries,... Now after long time happend something different with their controll system, an Imam spoke different then texts which they(Jewis/Christians pastors/leaders) delivering to mosques before friday pray.
How can happend such a thing? The reason might be, because they(jewish/christians pastors/leaders) can not pay good money for their million slaves(agents) arround the world.
Ma'shallah the devilfollower time is slowly slowly over, now come inshallah time that we can introduce/know our Religion how is realy is. Because we have all the time listened from islamic leaders, Imams, teachers,.(slaves of jewish/christians/hindus/,,,) things about islam, which the pig Jew/christians Pastors/leaders gave to them.

How can be their religion true or how can they(jewish/christians/hindus/budhists) can be good people, when they go or send their slaves to islamic countries to work as spy Imams, Ministers, Presidents, teachers, doctors,.. to make changes in islamic religion/people. why this pigs do not send their million agents/spys(slaves) to Indian/China or other non-islamic countries to change their religion? Because they know that these other religions are the same religion like theirs. And they can not think, if the Jewish,christians, hindus, budhists,.. are all the same path, then how can be one of them the right one.
for example, the jewish do not eat pork meat. If a christian see that a jew eat pork, it will be not intressting for him. or the hindus do not eat cow meat, if the jew/christ see a hindu eat cow meat, he will be not happy, pleasure. But if they see that a muslim eat pork or drink alcohol, they get pleasure and happy. Why, because they know that they(jewish, chritians, hindu, budhists,..) are all the same wrong people at wrong path(to hell, fire) and just the muslims are different and they must by the order of devil try to change muslims to their path(fair, hell).
But they don't know that if Great Allah guide some one to islam, no one can turn him from the way of islam as long Great Allah continue to guide him.

>> Wer ist dann die gute und die Böse?
Statt auf Geschrei setze eine New Yorker Künstlerin auf nackte Tatsachen: Holly Van Voast schlenderte barbusig, mit aufgemaltem schwarzen Schnauzer sowie hellblondem Lockenberg auf dem Kopf den Broadway entlang. "Ich symbolisiere genau das, was die Terroristen hassen.

Wenn die Terroristen(damit immer gemeint muslimen) moral haben gegen nacktheit, blödheiten, saufereien, diebstahl, lügereien, Inzest.. und die nicht-muslimen sind mit deren schweigen eigentlich für nacktheiten(die frauen laufen fast 90% nackt), lügereien(kirche sagt "mann soll nicht lügen!" gegensatz islam sagt: die Lügner gehören in der Hölle), saufereien, diebstahl(egal wenn wir die arme länder stehlen,hauptsache geht uns Juden, Christen,.. hier gut), lügereien(bei wahlen darf man bis 60% lügen), fast jede 3 kind wird in nicht islamische länder s. mishandelt und die Nation schweigt.
dann wer ist hier die gute und böse?
>> Verdammt auf die Lügen von 11 September 2001
Groß Allah macht aus Lügner idioten, die keine logische Verstand übermitteln können. Und genau idioten sind die jenigen,die an Sachen glauben ohne es zu Überprüfen ob die stimmen können.

Schau wie deren Fakten über 11 September 2001 idiotisch ist:

11 September 2001:Angeführt von einem bärtigen Mann aus einer Höhle in Afghanistan, der mit seinen milliarden in letzten 10 Jahren nur ein mal zugeschlagen hat und danach nichts mit seinem Geld und seinen Leuten gegen die Westen getan hat.

Mit nicht mehr als Teppichmessern bewaffnet, überwältigten sie Flugbegleiter, Piloten und Passagiere in vier Flugzeugen... was zu 99,9999999% unmöglich ist.

Und - Saufkater hin oder her - es gelingt ihnen, dem weltweit modernsten Luftverteidigungssystem ein Schnippchen zu schlagen... Und die modersten Radaren der Welt funktionieren in diesem Tag ausnahmlos nicht.

Ungeachtet dessen, dass sie ihre "Wie fliege ich ein Passagierflugzeug"-Anleitung im Auto auf dem Flughafenparkplatz vergessen hatten, meistern sie die Kontrollen in kürzester Zeit und landen direkte Volltreffer in zwei Türmen, aufgrund dessen dann DREI komplett einstürzen...

Ihren Superhirnen ist es gelungen, diverse Gesetze der Physik ein (bzw. zweimal) zu überwinden... und die Welt schaut ehrfürchtig zu, wie Gebäude - die aus massivem Stahlgerüst bestehen - durch ihr Eigengewicht, symmetrisch und in freier Fallgeschwindigkeit zum ersten Mal seit Menschengedenken in sich zusammenfallen.

Trotz all ihrer heimtückischen List gaben sie dummerweise ihre Identität preis, weil sie feuerfeste Pässe bei sich hatten die den Feuerball überstanden und unbeschadet auf den Boden fallen... hier mussten sie nur noch durch die unglaublich heroischen Spürhunde des FBI eingesammelt werden...

Dennoch verwundert mich auch heute noch, dass bei einem Gebäude, in dem sich arbeitstäglich mehr als 90.000 Menschen aufhalten, es ausgerechnet an dem Tag gerade nur drei- oder viertausend gewesen sein sollen, und alle judische Personal in diesem Tag frei gehabt haben, wie es damals in den Reporteraussagen hieß, und dass dabei "nur" 2983 Opfer ums Leben kommen, wobei darin allein 10% Helfer waren, und die Passagiere der beiden Flüge sowie danach Untergetauchte auch noch enthalten sein sollen. Welch glücklicher Zufall im Unglück. Und die von Freisprecher genannten Punkte...

...Währenddessen unten in Washington...

Hani Hanjour - durchgefallen in der 2-Mann-Cessna Flugschule – wird offenbar vom allgemeinen Tageserfolg mitgerissen und entwickelt plötzlich unglaubliche Fähigkeiten hinter dem Steuer einer Boeing...

Anstatt direkt in die große Dachfläche des Pentagon zu fliegen, beschließt er uns ein wenig von seinem Können zu zeigen...

Er führt eine unglaubliche 270 Grad Abwärtsspirale aus, um die unteren Ebenen des am stärksten verteidigten Gebäudes der Welt zu treffen... ohne dass ein Schuß abgefeuert wurde... ohne den frisch gemähten Rasen zu beschädigen... und das alles mit einer solchen Geschwindigkeit, dass es von einer Kamera nicht erfasst werden kann...

Jeder der Metalle verarbeitet und die Bilder gesehen hat, wie Flüsse aus geschmolzenen Stahl nach mehreren Wochen existiert haben, weiß das es dazu keine Wissentschaftliche Erklärung gibt.

In WTC Boden muss mit Hochleistungsbrennstoffen wie gearbeitet worden sein um die Metallen über 2000c in schmelzen gebracht zu haben. Die nach Wochen ohne Sauerstoffzufuhr immer noch stärker brennen als jeder bekannte Treibstoff.

Wirklich jeder Zahntechniker, die keine Physiker sind, weiß das.
Es wäre schön, wenn man diesen absolut alltäglichen wissentschaftlichen Fakt, endlich zur Kenntnis nehmen würden.

...Später, in den Wolken über Pennsylvania...

Aus lauter Verzweiflung, vor ihren Tod noch mit ihren Lieben zu sprechen, verwendeten einige Passagiere ihre schiere Willenskraft um Gespräche über Mobilfunk möglich zu machen - was einige Jahre später technisch immer noch nicht möglich war...

Und nach einem heroischen Versuch von Einigen, die Kontrolle über die Maschine von Flug 93 zurückzuerobern, stürzt sie in ein Feld in Shankesville ohne eine Spur von Turbinen, Rumpf oder Insassen zu hinterlassen... von der Standardausgabe muslimischer Terroristenkopftücher abgesehen...

...Weiter südlich in Florida...

Präsident Bush - unser tapferer Oberbefehlshaber - fährt fort, einer Grundschulklasse "Mein Haustier, die Ziege" vorzulesen... achselzuckend angesichts der naheliegenden Möglichkeit, dass sein Leben in unmittelbarer Gefahr sein könnte...

... In New York ...

Larry Silverstein, der Pächter des World Trade Centers staunt angesichts seiner weisen Voraussicht, die Gebäude nur 6 Wochen vorher gegen terroristische Attacken versichert zu haben...

Während auch in Washington Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld und Paul Wolfowitz ungläubig den Kopf schütteln, über das eigene Glück, das ersehnte "neue Pearl Harbor" als katalysierendes Ereignis zur Durchsetzung ihrer Agenda zur Weltherrschaft bekommen zu haben...

wieso das? weshalb muss ein ganzes land voller unschuldiger für die tat von Terroristen büßen? Hat es jemals einen Angriff auf die USA durch den afganischen Staat gegeben?

Während dessen sind im Afganistan und Irak Feldzug Millionen von unschuldigen Menschen durch US Truppen getötet worden. Da kümmert sich aber auch keiner drum. Ist das Leben dort denn weniger wert nur weil Afganistan oder der Irak nicht mit der gleichen Unterstützung der Medien rechnen darf?

In Somalia sterben täglich tausende den Hungertod, dennoch gibt es keine Sondersendung "Im Zachen Somalias"... Darüber sollte man sich auch mal Gedanken machen

Informieren Sie sich mal über Bülow und "gewarnte Juden".
Informieren Sie sich mal über Wisnewski und "Stahlbeton-Gebäude"
Informieren Sie sich mal über Bröckers und "überlebende Täter".
Informieren Sie sich mal über S.Jones und "manipulierte Fotos".
Informieren Sie sich mal über N.Harrit und "grobe methodische Fehler".
Aus der Kurve
Donnerstag, 11.8.2011-20.09.2011
Ein Händler erzhält:
Im Rückblick muss ich sagen, dass der 11. September 2001 ein Einschnitt war.
Ich weiß noch genau, dass ich an diesem Tag den bis dahin größten Verlust meiner Karriere gemacht habe, seltsamerweise aber nicht nachdem die Flugzeuge in die Türme geflogen sind, sondern davor.
Das ging allen Händlern in unserem Handelshaus so.
Es gab da Kursschwankungen, die ich mir nicht erklären konnte und die auch später eigentlich keinen Sinn ergaben, es sei denn, man würde denken, es habe vorher jemand von dem Anschlag gewusst.

Einige Link dazu

>> Notorious Bulgarian Muslim Stages Pre-Election Circus
The sidewalk in front of the office of Bulgaria's Central Election Committee, CEC, became Friday the witness of a real crowd of presidential hopefuls wishing to register.

The show began with the almost simultaneous arrival of the delegations of the ruling, center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria, GERB, party, of the far-right, nationalist Ataka, of the independent candidate, Meglena Kuneva, Bulgaria's first EU Commissioner, formerly from the party National Movement for Stability and Prosperity, NMSP, of ex King and Prime Minister, Simeon Saxe-Coburg, all along with the notorious Yuzeirovi brothers, founders of the illegal Muslim OTOMAN party.

The what was reported as "The Tower of Babylon," was prompted by the fact CEC began registering Friday the presidential candidates.

The most interesting was staged by Yuzeir Yuzeirov, who arrived dressed in a jacket and only boxers underneath. He told the media the attire was a sign of protest against the authorities refusing the register his Muslim party. Yuzeir is the Head of the Initiative Committee for the nomination of his brother Ali to run for president.

After he was not allowed to enter the building, Yuzeir put on a pair of pants, handed to him by Ali. Ali said he was submitting a list with 21 signatures for registration, knowing full-well CEC will reject them.

GERB, led by Deputy PM, Interior Minister, and Head of the party's Campaign Headquarters, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, were once again the very first to arrive with Tsvetanov praising members of the youth organization of GERB for the initiative to guard the building's entrance and to not allow anyone to register before the ruling party.

Tsvetanov declined revealing the party's nomination for president and commenting on any hypothesis such as the name of GERB's top rated minister – the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Rosen Plevneliev. The Deputy PM pointed out the main rival and adversary of his party in the upcoming October 23 elections will be the opposition, left-wing Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, and everyone who would support the Socialists' candidate.

Tsvetanov further informed he was planning to go on paid or unpaid leave as Interior Minister when Election Day approaches and bashed Yuzeirov for the staged show, saying this was total disrespect for the institutions.

Kuneva's initiative Committee, represented by people such as former Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister from the NMSP quota, Daniel Valchev, and former star volleyball player, Plamen Konstantinov, arrived at 9:20 am, but Kuneva was not present.
The Initiative Committees of different political forces with presidential nominations are in a hurry to register with CEC since only then they can begin collecting signatures for the registrations of the candidates and campaign funds.
>> Academic 'university' head is Muslim converted to islam
The head of studies at the Royal Air Force pilot training college is a convert to Islam who has criticised Nato air strikes on Libya in a Muslim magazine.

Dr Joel Hayward is dean of the college at Cranwell, the RAF’s equivalent of Sandhurst, and has taught many of the pilots spearheading the military operation against Colonel Gaddafi.

But, to the dismay of defence chiefs, he has cast doubt on the widely held belief that the Nato actions averted the mass killing of civilians in Benghazi. He also warned against the RAF becoming ‘the air corps of a rebel army’.

Dr Hayward has previously expressed remorse after appearing to claim that far fewer Jews were killed by the Nazis than generally thought and that the gas chambers of the Holocaust were British propaganda.

In another article recently he likened Churchill to Mohammed.

The magazine article on Libya was published under the headline ‘The West runs the risks of its good intentions (and inconsistencies) leading to distrust’.

Dr Hayward wrote: ‘When western aircrafts began to destroy tanks and a downpour of missiles wrecked Libya’s air force and air defence system, various leaders congratulated themselves for preventing an “atrocity” or “slaughter” - evocative words which conjured up images of a Srebrenica-style massacre [the 1995 killing of Bosnian Muslims].

‘Yet we do not know that his army would have “slaughtered” civilians in a Srebrenica-style massacre.’

Dr Hayward also takes issue with the UN Security Council resolution authorising ‘all necessary measures’ to protect civilians from the dictator’s forces.

Describing the resolution as ‘elastic’, he says: ‘Strangely, that resolution condemned human rights abuses and torture to which the world (and the UN) had turned a blind eye for decades.’

His views and behaviour have caused disquiet among senior officers at RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire, where he is the most senior academic and taught Prince William.

In a letter to The Mail on Sunday entitled The Air Force Ayatollah, one senior officer expressed concern that Dr Hayward was focusing more on ‘Islamist activities that are nothing to do with the RAF’.

He also accused him of giving Muslim cadets preferential treatment and making other students take a ‘softly, softly line when writing about Muslim terrorists/Islamist extremists’.

Another officer claimed cadets and lecturers ‘are in fear’ of expressing anything that might be construed as anti-Muslim sentiment. ‘Anyone who fails to follow the line that Islam is a peace-loving religion is hauled into his office for re-education,’ he said.

Last night Dr Hayward said he did not ‘recognise’ the allegations.

The Mail on Sunday understands that Dr Hayward’s views have embarrassed RAF chiefs, who feel that while he is entitled to his opinions, it was unwise for him to air them in a Muslim magazine.

Conservative MP Patrick Mercer, former chairman of the Commons counter-terrorism sub-committee, said: ‘I am delighted that the dean is not restricted in what he can say, as he would be in Islamist societies.

‘However, I very much hope that his views don’t conflict with any of his professional duties when teaching Her Majesty’s officers.’

It is not the first time the New Zealand-born academic has attracted controversy. In 2000, he was accused of denying the Holocaust after the publication of a thesis he had written in 1993 questioning the number of Jews killed. He claimed the idea of gas chambers being used was propaganda invented by Britain, the US and Jewish lobbyists. He has since expressed remorse over the ‘mistakes I made as an inexperienced student’.

Dr Hayward has frequently challenged claims of Islamic aggressiveness. Most recently, he wrote on the subject for the Cordoba Foundation, described by David Cameron as a front for the Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood. In that article, Dr Hayward likens the prophet Mohammed’s inspirational qualities to that of Sir Winston Churchill. He said Mohammed had to go to extra lengths – just as Churchill did in the Second World War - to exhort his people to believe in victory and fight for it.

Dr Hayward was appointed to RAF Cranwell in 2007, but was investigated the following year over complaints of ‘harassment and bullying’. It is not clear what became of the investigation. He is employed not by the RAF but by King’s College, London, which runs academic courses at Cranwell.

Dr Hayward defended his article on Nato airstrikes and said he wants a free Libya without Gaddafi. He added: ‘I write articles on a range of subjects for various scholarly journals and consistently the publications are anti-extremism, anti-terrorism and encouraging of a closer bond between the West and the Arab world.

‘In no sense am I anti-Western, I am proud to be Western, I strongly believe in the value system that we have in Britain. I believe in equality, democracy, freedom, plurality, human rights, women’s rights.’
An RAF spokesman said: ‘Dr Hayward writes for a number of publications. These activities are conducted in his own time and do not impinge on his duties in support of the RAF.’
Academic 'university' head is Muslim converted to islam
>> Month of Ramazan

myislam.eu Qur`an Search Engine

شَهْرُ رَمَضَانَ الَّذِيَ أُنزِلَ فِيهِ الْقُرْآنُ هُدًى لِّلنَّاسِ وَبَيِّنَاتٍ مِّنَ الْهُدَى وَالْفُرْقَانِ فَمَن شَهِدَ مِنكُمُ الشَّهْرَ فَلْيَصُمْهُ وَمَن كَانَ مَرِيضًا أَوْ عَلَى سَفَرٍ فَعِدَّةٌ مِّنْ أَيَّامٍ أُخَرَ يُرِيدُ اللّهُ بِكُمُ الْيُسْرَ وَلاَ يُرِيدُ بِكُمُ الْعُسْرَ وَلِتُكْمِلُواْ الْعِدَّةَ وَلِتُكَبِّرُواْ اللّهَ عَلَى مَا هَدَاكُمْ وَلَعَلَّكُمْ تَشْكُرُونَ

syahru ramadaana alladzii unzila fiihi alqur-aanu hudan lilnnaasi wabayyinaatin mina alhudaa waalfurqaani faman syahida minkumu alsysyahra falyashumhu waman kaana mariidhan aw 'alaa safarin fa'iddatun min ayyaamin ukhara yuriidu allaahu bikumu alyusra walaa yuriidu bikumu al'usra walitukmiluu al'iddata walitukabbiruu allaaha 'alaa maa hadaakum wala'allakum tasykuruuna

audio[2:185] The month of Ramazan is that in which the Quran was revealed, a guidance to men and clear proofs of the guidance and the distinction; therefore whoever of you is present in the month, he shall fast therein, and whoever is sick or upon a journey, then (he shall fast) a (like) number of other days; Allah desires ease for you, and He does not desire for you difficulty, and (He desires) that you should complete the number and that you should exalt the greatness of Allah for His having guided you and that you may give thanks.

German: Der Monat Ramad?n ist der, in welchem der Koran herabgesandt ward: eine Weisung für die Menschheit, deutliche Beweise der Führung und (göttliche) Zeichen. Wer also da ist von euch in diesem Monat, der möge ihn durchfasten; ebenso viele andere Tage aber, wer krank oder auf Reisen ist. Allah wünscht euch erleichtert und wünscht euch nicht beschwert, und daß ihr die Zahl (der Tage) erfüllen und Allah preisen möchtet dafür, daß Er euch richtig geführt hat, und daß ihr dankbar sein möchtet.

The month of Ramadan has arrived again, the month of fasting and prayer. It is the month that provides an opportunity for forgiveness from Allah and emancipation from our sins. It is the month for performing good deeds and giving in charity. It is the month when the gates of the heavens are opened and the rewards for our deeds are magnified many times over. It is the month wherein prayers are answered and the status of the worshipper is elevated. It is the month wherein sins are forgiven.
We should welcome this month and embrace it with happiness and joy. We should have the truest resolve to observe the fasts and the prayers and to compete in doing righteous deeds. During this month, we should ardently repent for all of our sins and encourage each other to engage in virtuous deeds and call to what is right and forbid what is wrong. In this way, we will succeed in attaining the blessings and the great rewards of Ramadan......
Read more Articles about Ramadan
>> they(jewish, christians army) still stealing from the poors everything
What happen realy in islamic world>> usa stealing the poors everythin

read also:
USA no more superpower
The Bankrupt Power nation May Great Allah punish muslims enemy Jewish, Christians, Budhists, Hindos, Shias, Wahbis, Ahmadyas,... with their wealth.
devil is the leader of non-muslims. proof is their actions
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