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>> Salafis<>Suporting Wahabits<>Supporting Saudi Arabian Government<>Supporting Jews, Kafirs'
Every important thing is explained in Quran, and it is explained Who is Who. It is also explained who are Salafis.
According Quran 43:56 Great Allah punished the Jews/Farahos and made them Salafs(The pasts). Now when a group call themselfs Salaf, then means they are the punished past people before Islam.

After this verse of Quran 43:56 which Pork try to call himself Salaf? Only the Jew/Kafirs will like the name. There are thousands of names, why the choosed exactly this bad name? Because they are not muslims. And the Salafis also acting like Faraho/Jews(sloughtering the sons of Muslems). Why these animals do not sloughtering/fighting Kafirs/Jews? This animals Salafis doese not fight the Jewish in Israel and they go so far to Afghanistan to kill Muslims. We muslims have to react against these Jewish animals Armee. We muslim have to cut any relation with this Animals. Their name is according of Quran Kofr and their Actions are according Quran and islam against Islam and Muslims. Watch how the Salafis, Wahabits end to Jews

Salafis<>Suporting Wahabits<>Supporting Saudi Arabian Government<>Supporting Jews, Kafirs'

>> learn from child/old how to teach yourself to learn Quran

>> Must See

Mashallah, the truth love between muslims.Which you can never find anywhere else.
And how truth is the words of Allah:
[8:63] and brought their hearts together. If you had given away all the riches of the earth, you could not have so united them, but Allah has united them. He is Almighty, Wise.

Watch how the devil installed democratic Goverments around the world with the support of non-muslims kill the inocents who has no weapen. Even that mad Hitler has not done such unhuman actions publicly as today the Jewish,Christians,Budhists,Indos,Shias,Halawits,,.. does to muslims.They think they can make us muslims fear them or stop islam.No way, Quran rules/design the good people life.
[6:162] Say: 'My prayers and my worship (for example, pilgrimage and sacrifice), my life and my death, are all for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.
>> No matter what happen, they non-muslims blames Islam to make happy the devil.
No matter how gruesome a crime might be whether it is the 1999 Columbine school shooting; the 1995 Oklahoma massacre or whether it is about the allegation of sexual assaults involved children by high ranking officials of the Catholic Church.

In spite how horrific the crime is, no one will lose his sanity and drag the entire faith of the accused into the witness box except when the madman is named Ahmad or Mohammad.
Read more....

>> Why they(Jew, Christian, Indo, Budhists and Co. Leaders) going to boomb N.Korea and kill million of people
They devil promissing non-muslims(include weak/bad muslim) for nice live in this life, that is why the non-muslim just believe/live for this life and they are ready to do any to have nice life or get out from bad/poor situation of this life. On 1996 the devilfollowers((Jew, Christian, Indo, Budhists and Co. Leaders) has planed to take the Gas of Turkmenistan,Afghanist, Pakistan to -->China--> Nordkorea-->Japan(new largst Oilstation-->USA. The places where the Piplines has to go must be empty and secure for the rest 50 years. The Taliban in Afghanistan was not secure and they could not move million of people from the areas in Afg, Pak., that is why they trying to boomb the areas. The same situation will face now N.Korea, they boomb million of people in next years to get them out of Pipeline Areas. So the devil promissing the non-muslims wealth and they are in this matter the same brothers, just their names are different(jew, christian, indo, budhist, shiah, wahabi, alawi,...).
>> 6 Reasons to stop your Cocacola/Sodas/Softdrinks Habit

Do you spend most days with a can of soda by your side? You might want to break that habit. Turns out, all soda -- even diet -- is bad you, and new research suggests it's especially harmful to women. Here are six reasons to give up soft drinks for good.

1. Soda makes you fat. Both regular and diet soft drinks are tied to obesity. In one study, people who drank diet sodas had a 70% greater increase in waist circumference over a few years compared to those who skipped soft drinks.

Diet soft drinks are particularly insidious, says RealAge cofounder Michael F. Roizen, M.D. "Sweet diet soda fuels your desire for other sweets," he explains. It also has a "health halo" effect. "You view choosing a 'diet' drink as virtuous (all those calories saved!). So it feels like you can afford to reward that virtue with a hot fudge sundae."

2. Soda boosts your risk of serious disease. The extra belly fat that often comes with a soft drink habit is linked to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. A recent study in the Journal of Internal Medicine also tied a daily diet soda habit to a higher stroke risk.

3. Regular soft drinks may cause cancer. New research from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health finds drinking two or more regular soft drinks per week may almost double your risk of pancreatic cancer. Researchers speculate that the sugar overload from regular soda triggers insulin production that fuels cancer cell growth.

4. It's bad for your teeth. Yep, your mom was right about this one. And here again, even diet soda is bad news because sugar isn't the worst offender in soft drinks. The big culprit is soda's high acid content: phosphoric, malic, citric, and tartaric acid strip tooth enamel. Citrus-flavored soft drinks are the worst -- they dissolve enamel up to five times more than colas.

5. It's bad for your bones. The same acids that are bad for your teeth also coax calcium from your bones. That goes for regular and diet caffeinated soda. Can't give up your Diet Coke? Roizen recommends upping your daily calcium tally by an extra 20 mg for every 12 ounces of soda you sip.

6. It's bad, even if you don't gain weight. New research from the American Heart Association finds that women are more vulnerable than men to the harmful effects of drinking two or more sugar-sweetened drinks -- including soda -- per day. Soda-sipping women are likely to have a larger waist size, higher "bad" LDL cholesterol, higher levels of triglycerides (harmful fatty acids that can cause heart disease), higher blood sugar, and lower "good" HDL cholesterol -- even if they don't put on a pound.

Sweet Sodas and Soft Drinks Raise Your Risk of Depression, Study Finds

>> My Muslims: take care about your food,.. They mix all over pork
Check, how the devilfollowers(Jewish/Christian/Budhists/Indian,.. Companies) mix in all things Pork. If you don't care about your food,.. as much you can, then you have to know that your Imaan will goes lower and the punishment(with your childeren, wealth,..) of Allah will face you soon like it's facing every non-muslim and bad muslims.

>> World wide Youtube Boycott by muslims
Because they moved against islam and publishing anti-islamic Videos
We muslims do NOT visit Youtube.com at least every Friday

If there a movie is uploaded on youtube with dead of American/Nato Soldiers(pigs) in Afghanistan, the youtube/Google(Jewish/Christian devil bulk, poors blood suckers) deleting that video quickly. But if there is Video/News,... against islam, they do don't deleting that.
Now we can move to boycott the Google/Youtube/BBC/CNN,....

Muslims do not visit Youtube anymore, at least every Friday
-Do not login or Watch Videos on Youtube at least every Friday.
-No Views, no adverstising revenue for Youtube
-Inform other muslims about the Boycott of Youtube(at least for fridays) and send them our Link(islamstart.com).
-Make your own Protest Websites, Videos, Texts to boycott Youtube
-No Videos views, downloads, uploads or leaving comments at Youtube
-Don't upload any non-islamic Video at Youtube
-Delete your non-islamic Videos at youtube and upload it somewhere els
-Don't Googling much, And never click on the Links at the right/top of google.
-Don't click on any banners at Youtube, Google or create users.
-Don't boy/use Android phones anymore. Or browsing with Chrome. Or use Gmail.Adwards,...
-If you shop in big Supermarkets just buy the offers/auctions/cheapst articles.
-Post, write, tell to the management of Jewish/Christian, that they do not support Israel Goverment to kill and rape innocents homes in Palestina.
-Hate all thoese Jewish/Christian companies as they hate/kill(let die) the poors around the world with their billion of benefits,productions,wars,...The poor blood suckers

-Post below your ideas of boycotting enemy of muslims

>> Who is the realy good?

The all progresses and technology, jobs, Refugee helps,governments, militaries, busniesses, Educations, in Europe, USA, Australian,.. are made by World Bank printed illigaly moneys(They are not allowed to print money and share between eachothers the most of money and the rest world falling day by day in poverty. 100 years ago before they started to print more and more and gives to their own people(Jewish, Christians), this Europe and USA and Co countries war very poor countries. They had not enough food to eat.

The non-muslims like Christians, Jewish, Indos,... calling that they are also Human and helping and we muslims saying also the same. Let's check which religion helps more, then that religion is on right path.

So take now a box and go to the ten non-muslims(Churchs, Jewish/Indos/Budhists Temples,..) and say please give me some money for the sake of God.And count how much they giving you. After that go to the muslim mosques and ask the same. You will see the muslims will giving you more then all non-muslims together. And then you will realize that only the muslims are the most good people in the world.

>> The Greatst Religion in the world is Islam
Years the non-muslims announcing that the Islam is after Christianity the second Great Religion in the world. How these liiers(non-muslims) counting? Lets now counting by thruths way.
1-Who goese to Church at least one time in week is a practising Christians. And most of practising muslims goese every fridays to mosques. A practising muslim is muslim.

Now we can go Fridays to Islamic countries and look into mosques how much prayers there.(the big mosques over 3000 and the small mosques over 200muslims). Allone in Afghanistan are 160.000mosques and Pakistan over 280.000.
160.000+280.000x200=88.000.000muslim prayers on Fridays
so now if we count all around the world allmost 800.000.000 muslims goes fridays in mosques.
Where is 800.000.000 christians on sunday in Churchs? So islam is the only one Greatst Religion in the World.

>> Who dress like Sluts, must be called as sluts
If you see some one who dressed like a doctor, you can call him doctor or dressed like a soldier, you can call him soldier. No one has to compaint why the people judge/call him after his cloths. Of curse doese all woman on the Streets/Markets,.. who are dressed like sluts, any one is allowed to call them SLUTS and treat them like SLUTS. No justice and no one is allowed to judging these actions against these sluts or thoese who look/dress like sluts as grumble or bad actions.

Oh muslims, if your relatives walk out from home like sluts then let them not return home or leave that home where your relatives goning out or coming in as sluts.
There is nothing better for a woman then to wear full islamic dress(Niqab). No one call and treat them like sluts, because their view is obsolutly opposite of sluts.

A man who grabbed a woman in Australia on the backside admits telling her if she didn't like it, she 'shouldn't dress like a slut'.
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